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Nine Night in England

It started around a year ago when Irma Rahayu, our coach, floored a challenge to have a trip to England. To be honest, I was sceptical about having any trip to European continent. Not that I didn’t like to go there, but the situation that we were in made any trip seemed to be too far fetched. My wife, on the other hand, was quite excited about this trip, and so we decided to accept the invitation. 

Irma then created a whatsap group chat for those who accepted this challenge. I remember the groups members posted many things they found in the daily life that were connected to UK in any way. Thing like the can of butter cookies, the Union Jack they saw on a promotion material, the word “London,” anything. Looking at those things made me in agony. Part of me were even more excited to go, while the other part, kept on reminding and pulling me down, silently saying that it might be a dream that too good to be true. So in response to those posts, I simply said that the next thing about UK I’d like to see were my ticket and my UK visa. With that, I stopped paying attention to any more posts about UK things on that group.

Well, to start applying for visa, we need to book airplane tickets, and tickets are better be booked early so, before long, the first part of my wish did come true but then we cannot start visa application too early. So for quite a few months I had to deal with my internal anxiety. I tried to plan what to see on this trip but, again, my pessimistic side of me bugged me down, so I didn’t plan much. I didn’t want to be dissapointed.

When the timehas come to visa application, I was still pessimistic. I was even dragged even deeper into the anxiety, because there always be a chance that our visa application got rejected by the British government for whatever reason, and that would mean the cost spent on ticket and accomodation become the cost wasted. For three weeks I tried to push the thought to the back of my head until I got the news about passports delivery from the UK visa service.  Full of anticipation, we opened the package, and to my relief and joy, there they were, three most waited stickers put onto one page of our passports! 

My wish have finally come true! The fun of planning and arranging could actually begin. I pulled all the brakes and plugs, and the last one month before our departure, it was all about great Great Britain for us. But alas! There were so much to see yet so little time we had, so all the planning again brought me agony. Which places twere o see and which were not. 

Long story short, here I am, packing things up and getting ready to go home. We saw a lot, missed a lot, and changed some plans. I put many that I saw on my other blog, while my other half put those into stories and perspective on hers. We literally loved, laughed, and cried in this trip and it gave us another glimpse of my dream and what we want in life. Many aspects of Irma’s coaching points happened here on this trip as if I was in a kind of life-lab to exercise, and she also has tasked me with another assignment, so you could expect some more writings from me.

Now, as much as I don’t want to go home, it’s time to really getting ready for that so let me end my short story here. See you again soon, Londonium!

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